‘Fergie’ opens up about ‘Ronaldo’ back to Manchester United

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‘Fergie’ opens up about involvement in bringing ‘Ronaldo’ back to Manchester United

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed ahead of the Premier League game that Cristiano Ronaldo returned to feature in Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Newcastle United. 1 on September 11 at Old Trafford that he was as excited as everyone else. That Ronaldo has returned to wear the Red Devils shirt again. 

Everyone is delighted to have today. As for the pullback of Ronaldo, many people were involve. Personally, I know that Ronaldo wants to come back to play for Manchester United. And everything went well. More importantly, I don’t want to see Ronaldo playing for Manchester City. And no one wants to see it happen. Must move forward to bring him back to Glazer, the owner of the club to support.

“After knowing that he want to come back I talked to Glazer that it was done. And they are very please I believe he will play a part in the development of our young players. Because he has the experience to do it,” Fergie said.