“Manchester City” beat Leipzig 6-3

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Revealed that ” Manchester City ” beat “Leipzig” 6-3, the 8th game in the Champions League with 9 goals scored. On September 16, 64, football aftermath of the UEFA Champions League, the group stage, the first match, Group A, in which Manchester City , the English Premier League champion, defeat RB Leipzig, the Bundesliga runner-up. The German crows went in a fun, exciting 6-3, making “the Blues” collect 3 points to be the leading team. While Leipzig are in the last place. With no points.

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) revealed that the game is the eighth game in the era to be known as the UEFA Champions League. With nine or more goals scored. The record for breaking the net in one game is 12 in the group stage game in 2016-17. Where Borussia Dortmund beat Lee. Kia Warsaw 8-4

Most goals scored per match in UEFA competition Champions League (after changing the name of the list from European Cup)

12 goals: Dortmund 8-4 Legia Warsaw (22 November 2016).

11 goals: Monaco 8-3 Deportivo La Coruna (5 November 2003).

10 goals: Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich (14 August 2020)

9 goals:

Paris Saint-Germain 7-2 Rosenborg (24 October 2000).

Olympique Lyonnais 7-2 Werder Bremen (8 March 2005).

Villarreal 6-3 Aalborg (21 October 2008).

Spurs 2-7 Bayern Munich (1 October 2019)

Manchester City 6-3 RB Leipzig (15 September 2021).