The World Cup every 2 years

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South American-European Football Federation Against hosting the World Cup every 2 years

After the International Football Federation (FIFA) is studying ways to move the World Cup. From the   beginning of every 4 years competition to every 2 years

Recently, the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and the European Football Federation (UEFA) have protested against the idea.

CONMEBOL issued a statement that Hosting the World Cup every two years will affect other football tournaments around the world and reduce the value of the World Cup itself. In the past, the World Cup was the tournament that attracted the most people. because of the form of competition That is up to 4 years apart, but if changing to compete every 2 years, it will increase the burden on all parties. Importantly, it will be difficult to manage other tournament programs. It is very difficult to do this systematically. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages should be discuss. CONMEBOL is open to listening in the best interests of football. 

While Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA, had previously commented that The World Cup is held too often. It will make the World Cup degrade its self-worth. because of infrequent competition Make the World Cup as valuable as it is today.

However, the Asian Football Confederation and the African Football Federation back support to organize every 2 years