Tottenham Hotspur saw the prospect of holding young Scarlett spear until 2026

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Tottenham Hotspur have announced a new four-year contract with striker Dan Scarlett following impressive developments over the past season.

Scarlett The 18 – year-old has played in the first team for a total of 7 matches last season. The highlight of the ufabet game was the 4-0 win over Leeds on Feb. 19 and was changed to the reserve in the second half .  

As for the England U -19 national team name, it stands out, taking part in taking ‘ Little Lions ‘ to the European Championships. The final round is in Slovakia, when going on the field for 5 matches, pressing 6 goals . Fresh and hot when the national team breaks in March. Mao hits the match to defeat Portugal 2-0  .

The youngster’s contract extension until the end of the 2025-26 season means. He is set to push for the wand from 29 – year-old Harry Kane this summer. And there are only 2 more seasons left in the contract with the team.

“The first team is definitely a big step but it’s something that I wanted to do. Training makes you good in games so if I keep training hard and working hard so I’ll be able to do well when I get my opportunity on the pitch.

“Hopefully I’ll get more opportunities to play, it means everything to me. This is something I’ve been working towards my whole life so to be in this position now is just amazing.”

At international level, Scarlett has scored 10 goals from as many appearances for England’s Under-19 side, including six goals from five European Championship Qualifying matches earlier this yea